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      Analysis on present situation and market development trend of hazardous waste disposal technology in China

      Date:2018/04/04  Click:1939 times
      Recently, the "national hazardous waste list" (2016 Edition) by the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued jointly by the Ministry of environmental protection of the state, and shall be implemented as of August 1, 2016. The new version of the list will adjust the hazardous waste into 46 categories 479, which added 117 kinds of hazardous wastes.

      According to reports, 117 new hazardous waste, from the research and identification of hazardous waste work and the accumulation of comments, mainly for HW11 fine distillation residue and HW50 waste catalyst wastes were refined.

      The revision will be recorded in the name of HW06 organic solvent waste, waste HW41 of halogenated organic solvents and HW42 waste organic solvent into HW06 waste organic solvent and organic solvent waste, formerly recorded different interpretations and will need to identify HW43 containing chlorobenzene and furan and HW44 containing chlorobenzene waste and waste dioxin removed, increased by HW50 recycled. Agent.

      It is understood that in addition to the revision adjustment of hazardous wastes, but also increased the "hazardous waste management exemption list". 16 included in the "hazardous waste hazardous waste management exemption list" in the links that are listed in the list of exemptions and satisfy the corresponding conditions of exemption, the exemption exemption in accordance with the provisions of the content management.

      China's hazardous waste treatment industry started from 2001, after more than 10 years of development, the industry has entered a rapid growth stage, but due to the hazardous waste disposal technology is relatively complex, and the large scale of investment, need to enter the industry qualification certificate, so the current market is relatively closed, hazardous waste disposal and the wide market space. Some analysts said, because China's pollution, hazardous waste disposal capacity is seriously insufficient, a lot of hazardous waste to be transported to the field processing, hazardous waste disposal areas is likely to evolve into giant enterprises occupy the absolute share of the market situation.

      Four technology play a leading role

      Pros and cons of various

      The pretreatment technology

      1. physical treatment: physical treatment is a structure phase change through concentration or change of solid waste, making it easy to transport, storage, use or disposal of the form, the solidification / stabilization technique is a physical technique, including compaction, crushing, sorting, thickening, adsorption and extraction. The waste will be fixed or coated to reduce leaching toxicity of harmful components of waste solid material, reduce the migration of waste, reduce pollution to the surrounding environment.

      2. chemical treatment: chemical treatment is the use of chemical methods to destroy harmful components in solid waste, its purpose is to change the chemical properties of material processing, reduce the harm of it, so as to achieve harmless, or will the change form for the further treatment and disposal. This is the final disposal of hazardous waste before the commonly used pretreatment measures, the processing equipment for conventional chemical equipment. Often used as pretreatment measures before the final disposal of hazardous waste. But the reaction process is more complex, more difficult to control, the cost is too high, not suitable for large-scale processing.

      3. biological treatment: biological treatment of organic matter by microbial decomposition in solid waste degradation, so as to achieve harmless or comprehensive utilization. Biological treatment methods including aerobic treatment, anaerobic and facultative anaerobic treatment. Compared with the chemical method, biological treatment in the economy is cheaper, less impact on the environment, a wide range of applications. But the process required a long time, the processing efficiency is not stable.

      Safe landfill technology

      Safe landfill is to use in developing countries relatively more hazardous waste treatment methods, it is the essence of waste will be paved with a certain thickness of thin layer after compaction method, and soil cover. At present, the way of the landfill has abandoned the traditional method of rough type landfill, but more joined the engineering theory of knowledge. In the landfill, more refer to civil engineering principle, effective and scientific management of waste landfill. You can see the treatment in waste treatment in most countries. The key technology of landfill is the anti leakage system using landfill waste, will be permanent, safe from the surroundings. In the landfill for toxic hazardous waste landfill is to be completed in a special region, the region for higher security requirements, the design is more accurate. But there are also some landfill environmental problems: one is in the process of landfill, leachate contains many harmful substances due to rain erosion, surface water and groundwater soak and fermentation, easy to produce two pollution; two is the landfill area; three is the construction of the whole safety landfill is very strict so, The cost and expenditure of safe landfill are very expensive; four is the existence of life may far exceed the safety landfill of artificial paving material service life of industrial waste landfill, so there is a certain risk to the environment, but also can not achieve the purpose of reduction and recycling.

      Hazardous waste landfill method has the characteristics of large amount, economic, energy consumption is low.


      Incineration is a thermal treatment of hazardous waste, hazardous waste in the first combustion chamber temperature is 850 DEG C after incineration, the flue gas enters the temperature of 1200 DEG second combustion chamber incineration to destroy harmful substances. This method has the advantages of high degree of reduction and harmless, but because incineration process defects or improper operation but also easy to cause a small amount of PCBs, treatment of PAH incomplete or trace dioxin produced; and in fly ash and bottom ash residue of heavy metal material, can not handle it by pretreatment. Appropriate Operation to reduce the effects of incineration technology commonly used are the following:

      One is crushing and sorting. For solid waste incineration, usually will be broken
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